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Books for the New Mason

Book Gift Bundle


Masonic Questions and Answers - by Paul M. Bessel  

Paul M. Bessel gets to the heart of understanding Freemasonry with this light, easy to read and understand question and answer book. Designed to take the reader and student through the three craft degrees in a step by step, section by section manner, this work can help new Masons and those interested in Freemasonry learn the basic facts about our Craft.

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Masonic Words and Phrases - Edited by Michael R. Poll  

New Masons quickly learn that many unfamiliar words and phrases are employed in our symbolic teachings. Our words are not haphazardly selected, but have deep symbolic and historic significance.
Masonic Word and Phrases is a wonderful collection of the most often used words and phrases in Masonry. Presented in an easy to read and understandable format, this work provides any student of Masonry with a clear understanding of the meaning of our many phrases and words so seldom used outside of Masonry.This work is valuable to the experienced Mason as a quick and handy reference guide. For the new Mason, however, it is an indispensable work and one that should augment any Masonic education program.

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The Newly-Made Mason - by H.L. Haywood, Revised by Michael R. Poll

The Newly-Made Mason. This is an outstanding Masonic book for the new or experienced Mason. Haywood gives a good, brief history of Freemasonry and then takes us from the petition to Freemasonry’s place in the world. Masonic symbols, philosophy, etiquette and clothing are all discussed along with everything from Masonic relief to record keeping for the Lodge Secretary. An indispensable book for all Masons.

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