Book Clubs

Masonic book clubs have long been a valuable tool for Masonic education. Book clubs can set times for gathering weekly, monthly or at periodic times of their choice to discuss a selected book. Some Masonic book clubs forgo the meetings and simply provide their members with Masonic books to read, enjoy and learn. The options are many.

Regardless of how your book club is organized, Cornerstone can provide quality books to your club at substantial discounts. For as few as 5 copies of any single title, we can provide you with a 40% discount off our retail prices. Your members can enjoy our educational books and your club saves considerably. For more information visitour catalog and write us. We will be happy to hear from you!

Here are a few ideas for running book club meeting when a book is being discussed:

    • plan your meetings several months ahead of time as this will allow for the purchase of your books and allow time for the members to read the selected title
    • if your club does not charge dues, calculate the number of books you will need and then collect from each member for the books beforehand – ordering is then an easy matter
    • not only read your selected title, but make notes of areas that you wish to discuss
    • if the title allows for any controversy, the leader should be neutral – point to all sides so that the members can express their opinions on all sides of any issue
    • some group leaders read selected passages from the work being studied if they feel that the material offered is important enough for special consideration or examination
    • organize your meeting in a manner that allows for a natural flow from opening the meeting, discussion of the selected work, questions, observations and then initial discussion of the next work to be discussed
    • it is not uncommon for a selected work to require several meetings to fully examine the work – this should not be discouraged unless there is some very good reason why it is not possible
    • in all cases, we all learn more and easier if we enjoy ourselves – have FUN!If your book club publishes books, write us as Cornerstone can publish first class books for you at a price to fit most any budget.