Author Guidelines

At this time, we are not accepting new material

We at Cornerstone Book Publishers realize that quality Masonic books are vital to all students of Masonry. While we are far from a large publishing house, it is our goal to publish, at least, several worthwhile Masonic and esoteric books each year.We at Cornerstone Book Publishers realize that quality Masonic books are vital to all students of Masonry. While we are far from a large publishing house, it is our goal to publish, at least, several worthwhile Masonic and esoteric books each year. In addition, we have a progressive plan for the publishing of e-books and plans to expand into audio books and videos in the near future.It is very important that you follow our submission guidelines precisely. The new postal regulations intended to safeguard the mail have dramatically increased the burdens on us in getting out the mail. We want all our prospective clients to have a response from us. We can only make that happen through your cooperation. The Post Office will discard or return mail that has no return address, is metered but mailed from a different location than the meter stamp or mailed improperly. If you do not follow these instructions precisely, we cannot guarantee you will receive a response.

Current Guidelines for Writers:


Masonic: We are looking for good Masonic educational or historical works. Leadership or lodge improvement works are also of interest.

Non-Masonic: Historical works on the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians or other esoteric groups are of interest. Works of esoteric fiction, self-help or inspirational are invited.


Submission guidelines:

If you wish to submit a Masonic or esoteric work for us to consider for publication, please write us or send us an e-mail first.We are sorry, but can not accept unsolicited e-mails with attachments due to virus concerns. Unsolicited e-mail sent with attachments will be deleted unread.

We will not return any material unless a self-addressed stamped envelope accompanies the submission. NOTE: Due to new postal regulations, all self-addressed envelopes must follow these guidelines. Use U.S. postal stamps only. No metered mail. Envelopes must be addressed and include our address as the return address in the top left corner of the envelope. Please keep in mind that returning your manuscript is a courtesy; we do our best to make sure you receive it back but cannot guarantee it. Submissions mailed to us without sufficient return postage will not be returned. Submissions that do not follow our protocol will be discarded.

Under no circumstances should an entire manuscript be submitted without the express request from Cornerstone. All manuscripts submitted without request will be discarded. Submissions should be made to the following:

Cornerstone Book Publishers

PO Box 8423
Hot Springs Village, AR 71910 

Note: Never, never, never (has it been said enough?) mail the only copy you have of your manuscript to anyone, mail can get lost.


If we ask for a complete manuscript, please send us both a printed copy on regular white, bond paper and a copy on CD or Diskette. The printed copy should be no larger than 12 point type and double spaced on the page.

The copy on the CD or Diskette should be formatted for Word for Windows or RTF. No other format will be considered.

Do not use headers or footers other than page numbers.

Do not include any special formatting. Keep the text as simple as possible. Do NOT use paragraph formatting in your document, simply begin each paragraph by hitting the ‘tab’ button on your keyboard.

Use all black text for both the printed copy and the file copy.


If you have images or illustrations, send them in a separate file. Each illustration should be identified in the text and in the image file by the same name. In the text use brackets around an image place holder. For example: [insert “house image #1” here] The image file should contain an image named “house image #1.” We will then know which image to place in the area held by the place holder.

All images for the inside of the book are to be in black & white. Cover images can be in color or B&W.

Images for inside the book should not be larger than 550 pixels wide.

Images should be no less than 300 dpi and no greater than 600 dpi.

Do not send photographs or line art for us to scan without our approval.


You can expect to hear back within 8 weeks of the our receiving your project. Things do sometimes get very busy. If you don’t hear from us, send us an e-mail.

Please follow the procedures outlined above. 

Many thanks and we hope to be working with you!