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In 1998, Lost Word was created to serve as both the on-line retail outlet for Michael Poll Publishing, and as a supplier of unique Masonic gift items. As one of the very first on-line Masonic supply stores, Lost Word quickly rose in popularity, but always remained a small family store.

In 2004, Michael Poll Publishing was renamed Cornerstone Book Publishers and is active in both the publishing of Masonic classic reprints as well as the publishing of new Masonic titles and a variety of popular non-Masonic subjects.

While Cornerstone Book Publishers remains a small publisher, it continues to provide quality books to its readers. Our free search service is our hallmark and we are happy to search for any hard to find book.

Cornerstone Book Publishers is owned and operated by The New York Times Bestselling writer and publisher, Michael R. Poll, a Past Master in Perfect Union Lodge #1, Etoile Polaire Lodge #1, Cervantes Lodge #5, Germania Lodge #46 (New Orleans, Louisiana) and Hiram-Takoma Lodge #10 (Washington, D.C.). He is a noted Masonic author and historian, a Founding Fellow and Past President of The Masonic Society, a Fellow of the Philalethes Society, a Fellow of the Maine Lodge of Research, Member of the Society of Blue Friars, Full Member of the Texas Lodge of Research and a contributor to Heredom, the publication of the Scottish Rite Research Society as well as many other Masonic and non-Masonic publications.

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