Michael R. Poll's Masonic Education Book Bundle

Michael R. Poll
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Michael R. Poll's

Masonic Education Book Gift Bundle


The Particular Nature of Freemasons - by Michael R. Poll

This is a book of balance. It takes a look at the past and present of Freemasonry. It looks at who we were, who we are, and who we can again become. The craft lodge and how to improve the lodge experience is a focus along with looking at our philosophy and the purpose of Freemasonry. Freemasons are unique individuals. This book shows why.

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Living Freemasonry: A Better Path to Travelby Michael R. Poll

The world and everything in it is changing. Freemasonry is facing new challenges. How will we deal with them? Will we rage at things that have changed our plans? Will we be paralyzed in confusion by the changes? We can’t choose or know what will happen tomorrow, but we can choose how we will respond. We can use the many lessons of Freemasonry as a guide for personal betterment — a guide for living better in society. By putting the teachings to use, we can be wiser, more honorable, and happier humans. It’s all our choice.

This is a very personal book. In this book are private thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the goal of contributing to a collective body of possible aid for the seeking Freemason. There is hope. There is still Freemasonry.

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A Masonic Evolution: The New World of Freemasonryby Michael R. Poll

The world is in a time of change. We are in a time of divided thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Likewise, Freemasonry is evolving. We are moving past the stagnation of the club atmosphere with our return to being Seekers of Light. This book is designed to be a guide, a trestleboard of sorts, to the changes taking place in Freemasonry. Michael R. Poll provides us with his thoughts on our Masonic past, present, and future with emphasis on our growth as Freemasons. This is a book for those who truly desire to take part in A Masonic Evolution.

Original Price: $16.95

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