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Masonic Philosophy

Book Gift Bundle


Symbols of Freemasonry - by J. D. Buck

This is a meaningful study in mystic Masonry. Includes: Principles of Education and Ethics; The Genius of Freemasonry; The Secret Doctrine (Science & Religion, The Septenary Nature of Man; The Sign of the Master);The Great Lodge and An Outline of Symbolism. Includes symbolic illustrations. Photographic reproduction of the 1911 edition of this work.

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The Freemasons Key: A Study of Masonic SymbolismEdited by Michael R. Poll

Symbolism is the language of Freemasonry. But what is symbolism? Why does Masonry use it? Who else has used symbolism? Some of the great minds in Masonic history (Albert Mackey, Joseph Fort Newton, Oliver Day Street, H. L. Haywood and more) answer these and other questions concerning the Masonic method of teaching as well as explain the symbolism of the Masonic degrees. This is an indispensable work for anyone seeking to better understand Freemasonry and its practices.

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The Symbolism of Freemasonry - by Albert G. Mackey, Foreword by Michael R. Poll

Albert Mackey’s revered works on Masonic history, law and symbolism are considered the classics of the 1800’s. In this work, Albert Mackey explains the various symbols used in Masonic teaching and provides indispensable Masonic education to all students of Freemasonry. This work should be considered required reading for all Freemasons. Photographic reproduction of the 1869 edition.

Original Price: $18.95

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