The Newly-Made Mason

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The Newly-Made Mason

by H. L. Haywood
Revised by Michael R. Poll

This is an outstanding Masonic book for the new or experienced Mason. Haywood gives a good, brief history of Freemasonry and then takes us from the petition to Freemasonry’s place in the world. Masonic symbols, philosophy, etiquette and clothing are all discussed along with everything from Masonic relief to record keeping for the Lodge Secretary. An indispensable book for all Masons.



This is the real stuff. Haywood is an exceptional writer when it comes to Freemasonry .You will not find archaic or esoteric pipe dreams mixed with “the hidden meaning”. But what you will find is the real workings of the craft and what one can really expect to find a lodge.Over all it’s a complete education for those brother new to the lodge.

~ Ernest J. Kemp

This volume has been well written, and succinct. It sheds allot of light on our pursuit of light. Definitely a must read…

~ W. A. Clark

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