Masonic Words and Phrases

Michael R. Poll
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Masonic Words and Phrases

Edited by Michael R. Poll

A Masonic Bestseller!
New Masons quickly learn that many unfamiliar words and phrases are employed in our symbolic teachings. Our words are not haphazardly selected, but have deep symbolic and historic significance.
Masonic Word and Phrases is a wonderful collection of the most often used words and phrases in Masonry. Presented in an easy to read and understandable format, this work provides any student of Masonry with a clear understanding of the meaning of our many phrases and words so seldom used outside of Masonry.This work is valuable to the experienced Mason as a quick and handy reference guide. For the new Mason, however, it is an indispensable work and one that should augment any Masonic education program.

Many of the words and phrases used in Masonry were borrowed from the craft guilds, from other languages, or from the philosophical vocabularies of the day. This book (which makes a fine companion book to “Masonic Questions and Answers,” shown above, provides brief but clear explanations of many of the terms used in Masonic tradition and ritual. Often, Brother Poll goes beyond a surface meaning to show the history of the word, which makes it a richer experience. For an example, consider the entry for “Token.” This is from the Greek “deigma,” meaning “example” or “proof” – the origin of the word “teach”, and in its original sense had much the same meaning as sign or symbol, for it was an object used as a sign of something else. It is generally used, however, in the sense of a pledge or of an object which proves something. In our usage, a token is something that exhibits, or shows, or proves that we are Masons the grip of recognition, for example.
This is one of those basic books that belongs in every Lodge library.
~ Jim Tresner
Book Review Editor
The Scottish Rite Journal

A great read for any brother desiring more light. This book will fill one with much knowledge, easy to understand.
~ Eric F. Cunningham

I will suggest this book to any Mason brother that is starting in their career because this book explain in detail the Masonic Words and Phrases of each degree.
~ Osvaldo Santiago

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