The Masonic Pageant

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The Masonic Pageant

The Scottish Rite Degrees of the Supreme Council, NMJ

by Frank Conway
Foreword by Christopher L. Hodapp

The Masonic Pageant is a clearly written and easy to understand explanation of the Scottish Rite Degrees as worked by the Supreme Council 33º, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Frank Conway, Ph.D., 33º, MSA provides a long needed and extremely valuable resource to all Scottish Rite Masons of the NMJ. This is a must have book for all NMJ SR Masons and bodies of the NMJ.

"Kudos to author Frank Conway for his outstanding explanation and description of the Scottish Rite Degrees of the NMJ. This is a must read for all Scottish Rite Masons as it is enjoyable and educational simultaneously. This work meets the vision of the NMJ, as it is inspirational, enjoyable and convenient to read at one's leisure." ~ David A. Glattly, 33º, Sovereign Grand Commander - Elect, NMJ, AASR

"Dr. Frank Conway has done a great service for Scottish Rite Freemasons with this book. His volume is far more than just a simple, up-to-date guide to the degrees of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Each chapter contains a synopsis of the stage presentation of the degree itself, along with a brief description of its counterpart in the Southern Jurisdiction. But it is in the center of each chapter where you will find the heart and soul of this work. The historic origins, symbols, and myths behind each degree are thoroughly explored, whether it is a story based largely on biblical accounts, medieval sources, or more recent events. Conway draws upon a vast wealth of knowledge, covering more than 2,500 years of history and legends that have gone into the creation of these degrees, and he provides much in the way of background and context. The eager Brother will find much here to enlighten his journey through the degrees." ~ Christopher L. Hodapp, 33°

"Freemasonry encourages its members to engage in a search for light – knowledge and understanding – and this search requires access to accurate information. The Masonic Pageant provides the searcher with up-to-date information on the Scottish Rite degrees of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA. It is a boon to all who seek to understand the complex symbolism and ritual themes of these degrees." ~ S. Brent Morris, Ph.D., 33°, Grand Cross

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    Long Waited For.....

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 17th 2017

    I have waited for a book on The Scottish Rite Degrees (NMJ) for quite awhile. As chairman on NJ's Scottish Rite Ritual Committee, I appreciate all the work that Dr. Conway has put into this work, all without revealing too much, but leaving enough to heighten the desire to move along and see the Masonic Pageantry of the Scottish Rite.

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    Long overdue

    Posted by Scott on Sep 5th 2017

    This is a book that is long overdue for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. I think the last monitor for the degrees of the NMJ was that written by Charles T. McClenachan, soon after the Civil War, and republished several times. The degrees of the NMJ have changed a great deal. This book looks into each degree, describing it and the time period in which the degree is based. I recommend this book for members of the AASR NMJ, and those interested in Scottish Rite research.