Masonic Enlightenment

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6×9 Softcover

Masonic Enlightenment

The Philosophy, History and Wisdom of Freemasonry

Edited by Michael R. Poll

A Masonic Bestseller! A Masonic education from the first page to last. Includes: “The Meaning of Initiation” by Frank C. Higgins; “Operative Masonry: Early Days in the Masonic Era” by Robert I. Clegg; “Masonic Jurisprudence” by Roscoe Pound; “Freemasons in the American Revolution” by Charles S. Lobingier; “A Bird’s-Eye View of Masonic History” by H.L. Haywood; “Women and Freemasonry” by Dudley Wright; “In the Interests of the Brethren” by Rudyard Kipling; “The Egyptian Influence on Our Masonic Ceremonial and Ritual” by Thomas Ross; “Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723” by Lionel Vibert; “The Rise and Development of Anti-Masonry in America, 1737-1826” by J. Hugo Tatsch; “The Spiritual Significance of Freemasonry” by Silas H. Shepherd; “Rosicrucianism in Freemasonry” by H.V.B. Voorhis; “The New Atlantis and Freemasonry” by A.J.B. Milborne; “Masonry and World Peace” by Joseph Fort Newton and more.


Michael Poll has managed, through his extensive research to encompass many different views and philosophies pertaining to Masonic structure and theory. He is a brilliant writer. I found myself at times, deeply involved with the thoughts of the various writer/philosophers. I also found myself on occasion, a little bit confused. After fifty years as a Mason I did however, find myself fascinated.

~ John Henson

Mike Poll has pulled together a variety of essays from past generations and presented them for the enlightenment of Masons today. These are time-tested thoughts and ideas which older members may have encountered decades ago but which newer members may have never seen. Regardless of your Masonic age, you’ll find this small book a delight to read. Whether you devour it on a snowy evening or read a single essay while waiting for car repair to finish, you’ll find it a perfect companion and WELL worth the price.

~ Ed King

Michael R. Poll, a noted Masonic researcher, editor, and publisher, has collected a number of classic and otherwise out-of-print essays and put them together in one volume. Authors as notable as Roscoe Pound, Rudyard Kipling, Harold V.B. Voorhis, and Joseph Fort Newton amongst others write on a variety of topics of perennial interest. Perfect for the Freemason who is tired of trite, superficial slogans and wants to delve deeper. The volume is a thoughtful, considered compilation and, as others have noted, well worth the price.

~ Michael Chaplin

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