Masonic Enlightenment

Michael R. Poll
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Masonic Enlightenment

The Philosophy, History and Wisdom of Freemasonry

Edited by Michael R. Poll

A Masonic Bestseller! A Masonic education from the first page to last. Includes: “The Meaning of Initiation” by Frank C. Higgins; “Operative Masonry: Early Days in the Masonic Era” by Robert I. Clegg; “Masonic Jurisprudence” by Roscoe Pound; “Freemasons in the American Revolution” by Charles S. Lobingier; “A Bird’s-Eye View of Masonic History” by H.L. Haywood; “Women and Freemasonry” by Dudley Wright; “In the Interests of the Brethren” by Rudyard Kipling; “The Egyptian Influence on Our Masonic Ceremonial and Ritual” by Thomas Ross; “Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723” by Lionel Vibert; “The Rise and Development of Anti-Masonry in America, 1737-1826” by J. Hugo Tatsch; “The Spiritual Significance of Freemasonry” by Silas H. Shepherd; “Rosicrucianism in Freemasonry” by H.V.B. Voorhis; “The New Atlantis and Freemasonry” by A.J.B. Milborne; “Masonry and World Peace” by Joseph Fort Newton and more.

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Michael Poll has managed, through his extensive research to encompass many different views and philosophies pertaining to Masonic structure and theory. He is a brilliant writer. I found myself at times, deeply involved with the thoughts of the various writer/philosophers. I also found myself on occasion, a little bit confused. After fifty years as a Mason I did however, find myself fascinated.

~ John Henson

Mike Poll has pulled together a variety of essays from past generations and presented them for the enlightenment of Masons today. These are time-tested thoughts and ideas which older members may have encountered decades ago but which newer members may have never seen. Regardless of your Masonic age, you’ll find this small book a delight to read. Whether you devour it on a snowy evening or read a single essay while waiting for car repair to finish, you’ll find it a perfect companion and WELL worth the price.

~ Ed King

Michael R. Poll, a noted Masonic researcher, editor, and publisher, has collected a number of classic and otherwise out-of-print essays and put them together in one volume. Authors as notable as Roscoe Pound, Rudyard Kipling, Harold V.B. Voorhis, and Joseph Fort Newton amongst others write on a variety of topics of perennial interest. Perfect for the Freemason who is tired of trite, superficial slogans and wants to delve deeper. The volume is a thoughtful, considered compilation and, as others have noted, well worth the price.

~ Michael Chaplin

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