The Scottish Rite "Wars" Book Bundle

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The Scottish Rite "Wars"

Masonic Book Gift Bundle


The Scottish Rite has a history in the U.S. of battles for the right to be the one "true" system. These books provide a foundation in the so-called "Cerneau wars." Important for all students of the Scottish Rite.


The Schism Between the Scotch & York Rites - by Charles Laffon de Ladébat

In 1850, everything changed for Louisiana Freemasons. Gone was the European style of Freemasonry as practiced by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana since its creation. By force, Louisiana was made to conform to the style of Masonry used by the rest of the U.S. Grand Lodges. This 1853 publication by Charles Laffon de Ladebat shows the emotion, frustration, confusion and pain experienced by the Creole New Orleans Masons as a result of the Masonic “war” that was inflicted upon them. Part of the Cornerstone Scottish Rite Education Series

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Documents Upon Sublime Freemasonry - by Joseph McCosh Foreword by Michael R. Poll

This is one of the most controversial small books ever published on the Scottish Rite "wars" involving Joseph Cerneau. Originally published to expose the irregularity of the Cerneau Scottish Rite, Joseph McCosh, an SGIG in the Charleston Supreme Council (today, Southern Jurisdiction), was nearly put on trial by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina as a result of the publication. In addition, the Charleston Council was forced to disavow and destroy copies of the work. This photographic reproduction of this extremely rare publication provides new insights into this fascinating work as well as new discoveries about it. The foreword by Michael R. Poll dissects the events surrounding the publishing of the booklet along with the known information to provide a fresh analysis of the times and events.

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Supreme Council Thirty-Third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite as Organized by Joseph Cerneau October 27, 1807 - by Ferdinand J.S. Gorgas

This rare 1889 work gives us a look into the organization of Joseph Cerneau’s Sovereign Grand Consistory (Supreme Council), providing us with the Constitutions and General Regulations of the reorganized Cerneau bodies in the late 1800’s, long after Cerneau himself had ceased being a part of this organization. Interesting reading for all students of the Scottish Rite.

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