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Scottish Rite Education

Book Gift Bundle


The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Thirty-three Degrees - by Robert B. Folger, Introduction by Michael R. Poll

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Thirty-Three Degrees. Dr. Robert B. Folger (1803-1892) was a renowned, but controversial Masonic historian and ritualist. In this photographic reproduction of his classic 1862 first edition, Folger provides not only a rare and important look at the history of the Scottish Rite, but over 400 pages of this massive book are dedicated to documents in support of his positions. The ground breaking opinions, conclusions and evident presented in this book have been praised, denounced and discussed to the present day. The work of Robert B. Folger was so significant and noteworthy that his ritual cipher books were recently published by Arturo de Hoyos and S. Brent Morris in their Committed to the Flames. This acclaimed and rare work is indispensable to a complete Scottish Rite education.

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The Statutes and Regulations, Institutes, Laws and Grand Constitutions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite - by Albert Pike, Introduction by Michael R. Poll

Few Masonic documents have been debated, praised, maligned, studied and misunderstand more than the collection known as the Grand Constitutions of 1786. This is a photographic reproduction of Albert Pike’s rare 1859 edition of the Constitutions of 1762 and the Grand Constitutions of 1786. This controversial work provides insight into the working of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction during the time of Pike. The foreword by Michael R. Poll, provides a logical examination of all claims concerning the 1786 Grand Constitutions. A must for any student of the Scottish Rite.

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Readings XXXII: Instructions in the Thirty-Second Degree - by Albert Pike

The Thirty-Second Degree is not just a degree, it is a responsibility. Albert Pike’s “Readings XXXII” provides valuable and necessary instructions for all who have received the 32º. Scottish Rite Masons, regardless of jurisdiction, should take the time to read and study this work.

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