Robert’s Rules of Order: Masonic Edition

Michael R. Poll
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Robert’s Rules of Order: Masonic Edition

Revised by Michael R. Poll

Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and EBook
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A Masonic Bestseller!

New Updated Edition with section for online Masonic gatherings!

Experienced legislators, editors, civic leaders, business executives, and club officers all pronounce Robert's Rules of Order the best parliamentary guide in the English language. Its amazing acceptance entitles it to the claim of being the recognized authority in parliamentary law. Now, for the first time, the most comprehensive, understandable, and logical guide to smooth-running meetings has been revised for use in Masonic lodges and appendant bodies. This is a must for every Masonic lodge officer. Includes Order of Business, Prerogatives of the Worshipful Master, The 25 Ancient Landmarks Of Freemasonry by Albert Mackey,  Anderson’s Constitutions and much more.

This is a must for every Masonic lodge officer.

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I strongly recommend this book to all Worshipful Masters, and those who will be in that position, and those who have been but are still interested in helping their Worshipful Masters.

~ Paul M. Bessel

Excellent read, especially for a newly elected Worshipful Master. I would recommend for all lodge members, especially principal officers. I have been in constant study of this book since I receive it.

~ Kendrick Smith

This small book presents needed procedural guidance and information in a clear and helpful format Masons need to properly conduct their business.

~ Charles E. Warren

We have found this Masonic edition to be most helpful already. It cleared up a couple of points that the regular Robert’s Rules did not when used in a Masonic sense.

~ G. Miner

The Robert’s Rules of Order, Masonic Edition, is a must for all Masters and Lodge Officers! This publication is printed especially for use by Freemasons and is most useful in the conducting Lodge business meetings. I recommend the Robert’s Rules of Order, Masonic Edition, to all Freemasons.

~ Michael P. Maciuk


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