Our Stations and Places – Masonic Officer’s Handbook

Michael R. Poll
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Our Stations and Places – Masonic Officer’s Handbook

by Henry G. Meacham

Revised by Michael R. Poll 

Available in Paperback, Harcover, and EBook
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One of the most respected Masonic officer's handbooks has been revised for the 21st century Freemason.  The various stations of the lodge are examined and practical suggestions are offered to help each officer best perform his duties. This 2019 revised and updated edition has been expanded to include a new section for the various lodge committees. This is an indispensable tool for all Lodge officers.

“If it was up to me every lodge should have a collection of these books on hand for every officer to read before the installation so he is well aware of what is expected of him in the upcoming year.”

~ Cory Sigler, The Working Tools Magazine

I enjoyed this book a lot. There is a wealth of information that the new mason would benefit from, but more yet for the new lodge officer — I recommend it.

~ W. A. Clark

Very good reading to stay informed and up to date on everything. And find some very interesting facts about important events.

~ Allen R. Turner

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