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Books for Lodge Officers

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The Principles of Masonic Law - by Albert G. Mackey, Foreword by Michael R. Poll

This reprint of Albert Mackey’s “The Principles of Masonic Law” provides all Masons with an excellent over-view of the various laws, customs and practices of the Masonic Lodge and Grand Lodge. Considered one of Mackey’s classics, this re-typeset edition provides invaluable Masonic education and should be included in every Masonic library.

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Robert’s Rules of Order: Masonic Edition - Revised by Michael R. Poll

Experienced legislators, editors, civic leaders, business executives, and club officers all pronounce Roberts Rules of Order the best parliamentary Guide in the English language. Its amazing acceptance entitles it to the claim of being the recognized authority in parliamentary law. Now, for the first time, the most comprehensive, understandable, and logical guide to smooth-running meetings has been revised for use in Masonic lodges and appendant bodies.
This is a must for every Masonic lodge officer.

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Our Stations and Places: Masonic Officer’s Handbook - by Henry G. Meacham, Revised by Michael R. Poll

One of the most respected Masonic officer’s handbooks has been revised for the 21st century Freemason. The various stations of the lodge are examined and practical suggestions are offered to help each officer best perform his duties. This revised and updated edition has been expanded to include a new section for the various lodge committees. This is an indispensable tool for all Lodge officers.”I have to say that this book is wonderful! It details what the officer does, his role in the lodge and to his lodge. Interjecting personal stories through out gives it a human touch that shows you how it can relate to all of us.

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