A Lodge at Labor

Michael R. Poll
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A Lodge at Labor

Freemasons and Masonry Today

by Michael R. Poll

Available in Paperback, Large Print Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook (Kindle and Audiobook links below on page)

"A Lodge at Labor" follows in a theme with books such as, "Measured Expectations" and "A Masonic Evolution". The goal is simple - to provide a view of the problems that we face in today's Freemasonry and offer opinions on solving these problems. The one goal is to inspire the reader to realize that Freemasonry is far more than a social club. Once this is realized, then those who are willing can do what is needed to bring the Age of Enlightenment back to Freemasonry. We can elevate our lodges into centers of education designed to help us be more than we are and give us Light in a sometimes dark world.

Kindle edition of this work is available by clicking HERE.

Audiobook edition of this work available by clicking HERE.


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