The House at Pritchard Place

Evelyn Klebert

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6x9 Softcover
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The House at Pritchard Place

by Evelyn Klebert

Nothing is really wrong with the old Warrick House on Dante St., except that there most certainly is. Nothing is exactly wrong with its new mysterious owner except that Elise is sure something doesn't add up. It isn't obvious, but sometimes the most dangerous things aren't. In the third installment of The New Orleans Paranormal Mystery series, with the help of her very psychic sister and her children, the Breslin clan, Elise Ashford is about to embark on a wild rescue mission straight into another dimension that will land her squarely somewhere she doesn't expect, right back into her past. She'll land full circle; in a childhood home whose memory still haunts her to this day — The House at Pritchard Place.

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