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3- 6×9 Softcover Books
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Bushcraft Bundle

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Camp Cookery - by Horace Kephart

The less a man carries in his pack, the more he must carry in his head.” ~ Horace Kephart.Don’t think of going camping without Camp Cookery by legendary survivalist Horace Kephart. Originally published in 1910, this book gives all the near lost secrets of successful camping from building fires, proper kit contents and proven recipes.

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Woodcraftby Nessmuk

George Washington Sears (aka “Nessmuk”) was not only a master woodsman, but he shared his knowledge of bushcraft with the public in print. His classic work “Woodcraft” provides a valuable and useful guide on all aspects of outdoor living and survival; from camp construction, fishing, hunting, needed tools and equipment, fire building, cooking and much more. Nessmuk provided the foundation from which later survival authors, such as the great Horace Kephart, would build. This is a needed work for anyone with an interest in camping or bushcraft. Photographic reproduction of the 1891 edition.

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The Amateur Trapper - by Stanley Harding

6×9 (Softcover 136 pages) In the days when supermarkets were not on every corner, trapping was a main method of providing meat for the table. In this photographic reproduction of the 1917 classic, Stanley Harding provides us with detailed and highly useful instructions on snares, dead-falls, nets and other trapping techniques along with recommended baits and even tanning and taxidermy tips. Illustrated.

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