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Rudolf Steiner

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Initiation and its Results - by Rudolf Steiner 

Written as a sequel to the classic “The Way of Initiation,” Rudolf Steiner offers a clear guide to human personal self-improvement. Includes: The Astral Centers (Chakras); The Constitution of the Etheric Body; Dream-Life; The Three States of Consciousness; The Disassociation of the Human Personality During Initiation; The First Guardian of the Threshold; The Second Guardian of the Threshold-Life and Death. This is a photographic reproduction of the 1909 edition of this work.

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The Gates of Knowledge - by Rudolf Steiner 

Philosopher/Mystic Rudolf Steiner offers an enlightened look at the quest for spiritual improvement in this classic work. Includes: The Four Modes of Knowledge; The Occult Functions of Sleep; The Pupil and His Teacher; Inspiration; Tuition; Philosophy and Theosophy. This is a photographic reproduction of the 1912 edition of this work.

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The Way of Initiation - by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner tells us that the wisdom and knowledge of the old Mysteries was not only in the intellect of mankind, but a wisdom that touched the deepest parts of their being. It was felt that the one receiving this knowledge needed to be prepared both physically and mentally for this information least it be misused. Proper initiation was the answer. This 1910 First American Edition was Translated into English by Max Gysi and has an Introduction by Edouard Schuré.

Original Price: $16.95