Ancient Manuscripts of the Freemasons

Michael R. Poll

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6x9 Softcover
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Ancient Manuscripts of the Freemasons

The Transformation from Operative to Speculative Freemasonry

Edited by Michael R. Poll 

 Included in this indispensable book are some of the most significant documents tracing Freemasonry from its early operative roots to the early collections defining the seeds of Speculative Freemasonry. Included are: Edict of Rothari; The Regius Manuscript; The Matthew Cooke Manuscript; The Torgau Ordinances; The Strasburg Manuscript; Watson Manuscript; The Schaw Statutes;"St. Clair Charters; Harleian Manuscript; Sloane Manuscripts; Inigo Jones Manuscript; Thomas Tew Manuscript; Edinburgh Register House Manuscript; The Kevan Manuscript; Robert's Constitutions; Ancient Charges of a Free Mason (1723 & 1738); General Regulations of a Freemason and The Graham Manuscript. Also included are the essays: "The Old Charges of Freemasonry" and "Freemasonry And The Comacine Masters" by H.L Haywood. 2023 Revised Edition.

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