10,000 Famous Freemasons - 4 Vol. Set

Michael R. Poll
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10,000 Famous Freemasons

4 Vol. Softcover Edition 
by William Denslow
Foreword by Harry S. Truman
Cornerstone Foreword by Michael R. Poll

This very rare and long out of print biographical work is a must for any Mason with a desire for Masonic research. This is NOT a photocopy of the original work, but a completely new, re-type set edition. The 4 volume collection has between 300 & 400 pages in each book. This is a true collector’s edition.While a few editorial changes have been made the work is for the most part as it was when first published. The largest change is the addenda that was at the end of the 4th edition. The addenda was a collection of corrections and additions to the work. We have incorporated the corrections and additions into the work itself removing the need for the addenda.

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6×9 Softcover 4 Vols.
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