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Eastern Star

Book Gift Bundle


Save 40% off the retail price of this great Eastern Star Book Bundle. "Manual of the Eastern Star" by Rob Morris; "The Mosaic Book of the American Adoptive Rite" by Rob Morris; and "A Brief History of the Order of the Eastern Star" by Charlotte O. Stember. Grab these important books and save big!


Manual of the Eastern Star - by Rob Morris

This book is a restored reproduction of an invaluable resource written by Rob Morris, the founder of the Eastern Star. This edition was originally published in 1860. This manual can give both practical information, and a historical view on the works of the Eastern Star. Whether you are looking to grow in your participation in the Eastern Star or simply looking for a broader understanding of its works then this book has something for you.

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The Mosaic Book of the American Adoptive Rite - by Rob Morris

Rob Morris, the creator of the Order of the Eastern Star, takes us right up to the line of female Masonry with his "The Mosaic Book of the American Adoptive Rite." It is, of course, not actually female Masonry, but what exactly is it and why was it created? Regardless of any questions about female Masonry, or if Lodges of Adoption cross the line of acceptability, Rob Morris does provide a fascinating and very useful account of this beautiful system. What Morris does make clear is that this system is an effort to bring the Masonic experience into the family so that all may enjoy and benefit from a system of personal growth and advancement. Lodges of Adoption are clearly not Masonic lodges. But they still provide a moral, educational, and rewarding Masonic related experience for all who participate. Photographic rendering of the 1857 Edition.

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A Brief History of the Order of the Eastern Star - by Charlotte O. Stember

This little book is filled with useful information on the development of the Order of the Eastern Star in the United States. Included is an overview of its history, the Adopitive Rite, Robert Morris, Robert Macoy, the first chapters in the U.S., the General Grand Chapter and the spread of the Order. Most interesting work. Photographic reproduction of the 1917 edition.

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