Devil Worship in France

A. E. Waite

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6x9 Softcover
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Devil Worship in France

Exposing the Taxil Anti-Masonic Lie

by A. E. Waite

In the late 1800’s, Leo Taxil gained considerable fame with his stories and claimed “proof” of the “evils” of Freemasonry. Taxil claimed that Freemasons worshiped Satan and a host of other outrageous charges. A.E. Waite exposes Taxil’s claims as not only incorrect, but outright lies deliberately told by Taxil with the hopes of gaining his short-lived popularity. Waite’s, “Devil Worship in France” is classic Waite, tearing apart the falsehoods of Taxil in no uncertain terms. This is a fascinating and important work for anyone with any interest in Freemasonry.