Hardback Books at Cornerstone

Posted by Cornerstone Books on May 7th 2024

Hardback Books at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Book Publishers is proud to announce our collection of hardcover books. They are as follows: 

1st wave 

Ancient Manuscripts of the Freemasons
Robert's Rules of Order: Masonic Edition
Our Stations and Places: Masonic Officer’s Handbook
The Scottish Rite Papers
The Three Distinct Knocks: along with Jachin and Boaz
The Particular Nature of Freemasons
A Masonic Evolution
Measured Expectations: The Challenges of Today's Freemasonry

2nd wave

Wilmshurst’s The Meaning of Masonry
The Prince Adept
Path of Light
The Hotel Mandolin
Gravier's Bookshop
The House at Pritchard Place
Sanctuary of Echoes
The Symbolism of Freemasonry
A Lexicon of Freemasonry
The Builders

Please visit the Cornerstone Book Publishers website to see our full collection of hardcovers. We are going all out on this project and will soon have another wave of hardcovers! Many thanks for your support!