A Ghost of a Chance

Evelyn Klebert
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A Ghost of a Chance

by Evelyn Klebert 

Jack Brennan, an ambitious high-powered attorney, dies, only to find himself constrained to a peculiar afterlife as an earth-bound spirit trapped in an old Virginia farmhouse with a very much living, reclusive writer of campy vampire novels. Hallie Barkly recovering from a painful and disillusioning divorce, has forged a career and exorcised her demons by writing under the pseudonym of Sebastian Winters. Their lives intersect, and two unconventional lovers are brought together under insurmountable circumstances. Together they must battle an unseen force hell-bent on possessing Hallie's life and bridge death itself to make possible what cannot be - to find a chance.

Kindle edition of this work is available by clicking HERE.

Audio Book edition of this work available by clicking HERE.

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6x9 Softcover