A.E. Waite: Words From a Masonic Mystic

A. E. Waite

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6×9 Softcover
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A.E. Waite: Words From a Masonic Mystic 

Edited by Michael R. Poll 
Foreword by Joseph Fort Newton

Few individuals exerted more influence in “esoteric Masonry” than did A.E. Waite. His hunger for the “hidden wisdom” of Masonry, as well as life, drove him to his studies of all matters esoteric. Respected as a scholar, magician and Mason of quality, his words drew praise from many, yet were controversial enough to draw a fair amount of criticism … likely to Waite’s delight. This collection of Masonic papers from A.E. Waite represents some of the finest thoughts on the “deeper aspects” of Masonry. Includes: “Discourse on the Fellowcraft Degree;” “Emblematic Freemasonry, Building Guilds and Hermetic Schools;” “Pillars of the Temple;” “The French Mystic and the Story of Modern Martinism;” “The Templars Orders in Freemasonry;” “Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism” and more.

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