Masonic Education Videos Vol. I

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Over 2 hours total DVD run time

Masonic Education Videos Vol. I

New Orleans Scottish Rite College

An Educational Collection on DVD



1. What are these Masonic “Rites”? This video is an introduction to the Scottish Rite and York Rite as worked in the United States along with some of the history of the development of the Rites and their association with the American Craft Lodges. Run time: 32 mins. 04 secs.

2. Discovering the Supreme Council of Louisiana A personal look at the discovery of the continued existence of a long lost supreme council. Run time: 49 mins. 16 secs.

3. What is the Highest Degree? This video answers an e-mail question with concerns about the Scottish Rite and York Rite being unnecessary additions to the Master Mason Degree. Run time: 9 mins. 56 secs.

4. What Are Scottish Rite “Honors” and Who Should Get Them? This video tries to answer e-mail questions about Degrees of the Scottish Rite and explores the natures of what is known as the Scottish Rite “Honors” in the Southern Jurisdiction. Run time: 25 mins. 01 secs.

5. Maundy Thursday A short look at the history, nature and philosophy of this beautiful Scottish Rite ceremony. Run time: 11 mins 40 secs.