Historical Inquiry

James Foulhouze

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Historical Inquiry 
into the Origins of the
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
by James Foulhouze
Jonathan K Poll, Editor
Michael R. Poll, Introduction

This book is James Foulhouze’s account of the events during the turbulent times in Louisiana Masonry of the 1840’s and 50’s and gives us his views on the nature and history of the AASR. Included also is valuable information on the activities of the Supreme Council of Louisiana and additional insight into the “Scottish Rite War” between the Supreme Council of Louisiana and the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, USA of the mid 1800’s. The slugfest between James Foulhouze and Albert Pike is classic. These two well accomplished lawyers were skilled at debate and legal tactics. Understanding the position of Foulhouze, from his own words, is essential to our understanding the “why” of his actions.

This edition of this classic work has been carefully reconstructed for an easier and more understandable reading experience. The foreword also looks at the equally fascinating and mostly unknown period following the Civil War and with Foulhouze’s departure from Masonry.

James Foulhouze’s 1859 “Historical Inquiry” is a vitally important work for any student of the Scottish Rite.