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3- 6×9 Softcover Books

Masonic Ritual Study

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Jachin and Boaz - by Samuel Pritchard

Samuel Pritchard’s classic “Jachin and Boaz” along with his “The Three Distinct Knocks” are considered foundational for any serious study of the development of early Masonic ritual. These early texts provide us with a clear look at the very early days of speculative Freemasonry. Photographic reproduction of the rare 1797 Edition.

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The Ritual of the Operative Free Masonsby Thomas Carr

Intriguing look into the working of the old Operative Masonic Lodges, including practices, rituals and Lodge layout. Photographic reproduction of the classic 1911 edition.

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The Three Distinct Knocks - by Samuel Pritchard

Originally published in 1723 in a London newspaper, this was the very first Masonic exposure. In 1760, Samuel Pritchard expanded the untitled work to include the opening and closing of the lodge and released the exposure as “The Three Distinct Knocks.” This is a very significant work for all Masons, as it provides us with a clear look at the early roots of our Masonic ritual. Digitally enhanced photographic reproduction of the 1760 edition.

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